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    Santa Rosa Growlers Statement

    We, the Santa Rosa Growlers, want to express our deepest sympathies to the victim of an alleged incident that occurred in Reno last week.  Finding the right words for this is nearly impossible. We’re still trying to gather any information and process it all ourselves.

    What we do know is that three players traveled to Reno on their personal time a day early before the weekend’s games and were allegedly involved in an incident that Thursday night.  The team was not informed of this or any details prior to our first game on Friday and we regret that these players played that evening.  They were then arrested on sexual assault charges on Saturday prior to our 2nd game.  One of them had additional charges pertaining to documenting/sharing the incident. 

    We as a team and a club do not take sexual assault, or any of the charges, lightly and this news is both shocking and deeply concerning for all parties involved and their families.  While their actions are still currently under investigation, all three players have been permanently removed from the team. While we understand the charges of these three individuals will often be talked about in the same breath as our team’s name, we’d like to clarify that we are a recreational club team, not a professional team, and there is no place for this type of alleged behavior in hockey culture, our club’s culture, or any culture.

    If you have any questions we’d like to make ourselves available. You can reach us at:

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    Mission Statement

    The Santa Rosa Growlers provide competitive hockey in a fun atmosphere. It is our intention to maintain the spirit of hockey by stressing sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect to our team and all players across the league.

    Our goal is to provide our fans with a unique entertainment experience and share our passion for hockey whether they have experience and knowledge of the sport or not.

    We strive to bridge our community and the team together with the experience we provide as well as maintaining a professional relationship to our partners and sponsors.




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